Recreation activities

A very special feature of ’Het Eibernest’ is our recreation team and recreationprogramm. During all school holidays, every day plenty of activities are organised to entertain young and old.

In the morning

For the very young there is ’ De Knutselloods’ during the morning (08-07 until 26-08) where they have a lot of fun while playing, pasting, doing jigsaw puzzles and singing. Plenty of lemonade is available.

In the afternoon

The somewhat older children get their chance in the afternoon. Every day different activities are offered, so there is something for everyone’s liking. At times the activities offered are suitable for all ages and you can enjoy a nice, active afternoon with your whole family.

In the evening

Now the more mature youth and adults get their chance. These evenings guarantee a lot of holiday fun.

Our recreation team cannot wait to start again!